Front Window Sun Shade

front window sun shade

Edward “Axel” Cross

Edward “Axel” Cross

Character Name
Edward “Axel” Cross

Character Bio
Born Edward Cross at birth, “Axel,” as those who knew him called him, was a brilliant student and quickly impressed his teachers at an early age. Halfway through collage, he received word that his older brother, Jack Cross, had been kidnapped along with thirty other students who belonged to Jack’s school by a deranged terrorist who threatened to brutally behead one hostage for every hour that the government of the United States did not pay the eight million dollars he so kindly requested they pay him.
Axel knew he only had 1,684 minutes to devise a plan to stop his brother from being killed. When his parents died, the two brothers were offered a chance at going to a private school sponsored by the Interplanetary Network of Youth Organizations, a company that was dedicated to helping orphans located on Earth and Earth’s Mars colony.
In his desperation, Axel called INYO to try to beg for support or military help to save his brother. INYO would send help, Axel decided, because they are a major supporter of the United Nations and could get help sent to him. When he franticly scrambled to tell the events he had seen on the news, the kind lady he was talking to yawned. He yelled a universal word into the phone and hung up. He grabbed a knife out of his sock drawer and ran to his brother’s truck.
He opened the door and grabbed the spare key his brother kept above the foldable sun shade. As he sped down the expressway, he used his in-phone GPS to find the nearest INYO headquarters. He drove for three hours, knowing that more innocent blood had been spilt with no prevention. As he neared the location, he noticed two video cameras rotating every thirty seconds and he calculated that he had a 15 second gap to drive between them. He pushed the vehicle to its max and rammed through the front gate and crashed into the front window of the daycare. As the self-destruct sequence activated, Axel dove out, sliced open a heating duct sticking out of the wall, and dove inside. As he crawled, he listened and heard guards outside running towards the destruction and young children crying inside, not understanding the situation.
He made it to the elevator and dropped onto its roof. A guard inside opened the roof hatch and fired a few rounds. Axel slid into the room, dropkicking the guard as he landed. He snatched the guard’s handgun and ammo belt as he chose floor B42 as his destination. His brother had mentioned how much he hated going to that level to speak with his bosses. When the door slid open he was grabbed by a strong metallic fist and lifted up towards the ceiling before he was put down by the mysterious figure. The figure shoved him further into the room and dashed into the elevator, leaving him awestruck. Axel saw nothing more of this figure except a flash of brown hair streaking past him into the elevator. As he struggled to get to his feet, the lights flashed off and he heard a strange grinding noise. When the lights turned back on with a hiss, he noticed that he was not in the same room he had been in before.
He was in a black and white tiled room with a desk at one end. He dashed to the desk and slashed a newspaper out of the hands of an elderly man. “I know you are in charge here old man, now help me save my brother.” Axel roared at the bearded man. The man responded by lashing out with his right leg and shattering Axel’s kneecap.
1 Flashing… 2 Lights… 3 Metal… 4 Orange… 1 Flashing… 2 Lights… 3 Metal… 4 Orange… 1 Flashing… 2 Lights… 3 Metal… 4 Orange… 5… Axel could not remember anything else from when he was knocked out. He woke up in a hospital bed while the old man sat on a small stool beside his bed. A taller figure wearing a torn cape and a full set of black medieval armor stood further back in the shadows. He was twirling a strange black katana at his side as his armor pulsed with an almost creepy orange energy. The old man stopped him calmly from sitting up. “Stop young Cross, your brother is fine; everyone was rescued by us by the time you called us. The figure behind me goes by the name of KN1GHT. He will train you as he trained your brother and you will learn to help others. The world depends on it…”

Eight years later…
Axel has finished his training and is a master in many arts known to this world, and some that are not. He has set out find a mysterious artifact on a quest KN1GHT sent him on. His only clue was that he would need his friends, and that they would need him…

Level: 1

Health: 20/20

Main Stats:
Strength - 5
Defense - 3
Agility - 3
Intelligence - 5
Charisma - 4

Guns - 1
Melee - 1
Archery - 1
Light Armor - 1
Heavy Armor - 1

10 rounds ammunition
1 weeks’ worth of food
INYO brand molecular helm. Mk. III
Black fedora
black cap
Grey Disk
Black cape
Buzz saw
Broken silver sword
Black hood
Long chain
multi way radio
Broken storage cube



As I was walking out the door, camera in hand, Sissy, sat at the edge of the streaming rays of sunlight coming through our bay window in the front room. I gave a glance, and was entranced. I popped the lens cap off, made sure the settings were where I needed them to be and zoomed in a bit without even looking, knowing that I wanted a portrait not a wide-angle of her. One squeeze of the shutter, and a quick glance told me that I had what I needed.

Off I went, happy with the thought that I likely had a nice portrait of our equally nice cat, Sissy.

The front room one of those "Living Rooms" where the furniture seldom is used. The couch is comfy, and there are nice chairs and a love-seat that isn't my favorite, but is a family heirloom. The tall grandfather clock is there, left unwound most of the time. That's where our first pieces of furniture that we purchased as newlyweds are located. Heavy pieces that serve mostly to fill the room and hold knick-knacks. When company comes, we sometimes spill over to that room for extra conversation space, and it's where the Christmas morning present exchange and unwrapping takes place around the decorated tree. It's also full of morning light, and a favorite place for our two cats.

Sissy is the one who stares. Seldom does she make a wasted move or expend effort needlessly. Smokey, on the other hand, is a restless, curious cat, always on the move when not sprawled out napping. Sissy is perfect for taking a photograph. She sits still, curiously looking at me or my camera, or something shiny that bounces the light around to catch her interest. Smokey only is still when sleeping. When I move a camera in Smokey's zone of interest, she's moving to investigate it or get a pet from my hand that's now closer to her, and seems to be thinking "Isn't that what you were planning on doing anyway?"

I count my blessings and good fortune where found. Here, I found it in a nice combination of light, and stillness, with a hint of curiosity.

front window sun shade

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